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I have an iPad App with draggable content in a UITableView...The tableView is scrollable horizontally and full of dragable images (subclass of UIImageView with overwritten touchesBegan: etc.)

Till iOS 7 the tableView.delaysContentTouch=YES; of the UITableView works as expected and the app was able to differentiate between a horizontal scrolling in the tableView (fast movement with the finger over the tableview) and dragging of an element inside the tableviews contentView (hold finger a second on the draggable till the tableview forwards the touch to touchesBegan: of the UIImageView subclass in the contentView.

Now under iOS 7 scrolling is nearly impossible, because the dragging of the content immediately fires. Code wasn't changed.

Anybody expierenced something similar and found a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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delaysContentTouches is not working in iOS7 and 7.02, this seems to be a bug, you can use touchesBegan and touchesCancelled (which is sent if the user scrolls) as a workaround to handle your touchEvents the right way.

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I had a similar problem and I was trying to solve the issue with workarounds. I was having the Gold Master IPSW installed in my iPhone 5. Then I updated to iOS 7.0.2. Today my phone was having problems to activate and I had to restore the phone (now it restores to the latest iOS version). The issues with the scrolling disappeared. So, I assume it was related to the old ipsw not updated properly to ios 7.0.2.

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