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I have a macro that selects things in a sheet.

Prior to running the main section of the macro I want to save the active selection, so that I can set the same selection at the end of the macro.

I've tried the solution below, but it doesn't work. I'd appreciate suggestions.

Dim rng As Range

'Beginning of macro
rng = Range(ActiveSheet.Selection) 'Object doesn't support this property or method

'Main section

'End of macro
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Solution offered by tmoore82 is the best way to go (+1)

For completeness you can also save the Address as a string:

Dim selectionAddress as String
selectionAddress = Selection.Address //e.g. A1 is "$A$1"

//Your macro

Range(selectionAddress).Select //At end of macro select cell A1
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Nice, @AlexP! Great tip! – tmoore82 Sep 30 '13 at 12:58

Instead of rng = Range(ActiveSheet.Selection), it should be Set rng = Selection.

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