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$("#houses a:contains('Houses')").parent().addClass('active');
<body id="houses">
  <li><a href="houses.php">Houses</a></li> 

When I click on the nav(houses), at the inspect element it adds the class active but it doesn't change the color of the nav. adds class but no effect.

I have been trying to follow a tutorial. It seems to work fine there, just not for me.

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Post your codes, better make a fiddle - – shekhardesigner Sep 30 '13 at 12:41
Here it is sir – user2831179 Sep 30 '13 at 13:00
There is no click event. may be you have to explain bit more on what do you wanted. – shekhardesigner Sep 30 '13 at 13:09
my problem is it adds the active class to the li but it doesn't have the effect. the color is the same as the other li that do not have the active class. – user2831179 Sep 30 '13 at 13:21
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You are missing navbar theme class on .navbar div. Add class .navbar-default to .navbar and all done.

Updated HTML

<section class="navbar navbar-default">
                <ul class="nav navbar-nav">
                    <li><a href="index.php">New Listings</a>
                    <li><a href="homes.php">Houses</a>
                    <li><a href="land.php">Land</a>
                    <li><a href="mortgagecalc.php">Mortgage Calculator</a>
                    <li class="dropdown">   <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">For Pros<span class="caret"></span></a>

                        <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu" aria-labelledby="dropdownMenu">
                            <li> <a tabindex="-1" href="#">Register for Caraga Homes</a>
                            <li class="divider"></li>
                            <li> <a tabindex="-1" href="#">Post a listing for free</a>
                        <!-- drop down Menu -->

And all done. Demo:

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wow tnx a lot sir. God bless you. – user2831179 Sep 30 '13 at 13:55
Accept my answer if it solved your issue :) – shekhardesigner Sep 30 '13 at 13:58
I watched the video again. and there was no navbar-default but it worked for him flawlessly. Maybe it was a different version of bootstrap 3.0. tnx again. – user2831179 Sep 30 '13 at 14:07
Seems you saw video for Bootstrap 2.3.2 – shekhardesigner Sep 30 '13 at 14:10
Theme classes are from Bootstrap 3.0 – shekhardesigner Sep 30 '13 at 14:10
<script type="text/javascript">
        var url = window.location.href;
        $('.nav a[href="'+url+'"]').parent().addClass('active');
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Welcome to StackOverflow. Good answers contain source code and a short explanation to help other viewers. Please consider adding a few lines of text explaining your solution and what makes it useful. – grebneke Jan 30 '14 at 18:45
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post - you can always comment on your own posts, and once you have sufficient reputation you will be able to comment on any post. – Mad Physicist Jan 30 '14 at 19:04

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