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I made some inline styling changes on a Transactional Emails template. My changes are visible when I preview the Transactional emails template. but the problem is when I send a test email to a gmail I still get an old version of the Transactional email template. My new changes don't show up. I cleared the cache and I did Reindexing. but my My new Transactional email template doesn't show up.

Is there a step that i'm missing? or Is this problem related to Magento or the Server?

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After creating the transactional email, you still need to assign it in the configuration to be used.

For example, to change the New Order template.

  1. Go to System > Transactional Emails and create a new email template for New Order
  2. Once the email template is created, go to System > Configuration > Sales Emails > Order
  3. Change New Order Confirmation Template to the name of your email template. You can also do the same for New Order Confirmation Template for Guest if you want to use the same template for guest customers.
  4. Save Config, refresh your caches.

Customers will now receive your email template for New Orders.

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