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I am have started working with Silverlight and thought I would make a full futured website with a Silverlight front and are therefor looking for an Open Source CMS that takes care of the administration part and lets me worry about the presentation.

This is a hobby project so I am not very intrested in spending any money on this. I have started to look into N2 Cms which is very cool but still is the a better suited framework for my task?

Thanks in advance

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My opinion for what it's worth is that any already praised CMS will work as a backend for your project.

For example, if you knew Drupal rather well, you would be interested in Connecting Drupal And Silverlight. I'm sure Google will get you equivalent blog or forum posts explaining how to do a Joomla or MODx integration. (or pick your favorite CMS)

Imho, there is no need to invest money, however you'll have to invest time in understanding the CMS you decided to use as a backend.

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I've built such CMS based on : - Silverlight 4 - Prism 4 / WS / WCF / - the model is store on SQL Serveur 2008 or 2008 R2 - User administration based on ASP.Net framework allowing - Integrated Windows Acces - Ananymous Acces - Form ACCES via ASP.Net security DB - Fonctionalities : - Nanage User Access - Manage Navigation - Manage Data Acces (in order to navigate into your Data) - Built sofisticated UI "viewParts" without any code - Build your own components to interact with existings - ... - I'm currently configurating a demo that should be available next days in http://demo.selfcockpit.com

   - The market strategy has not been defined yet.

   Best regards.
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