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I am working on twitter bootstrap typeahead and i am stuck as i am not getting any error and yet the auto complete is not working.

this is my input field

<input type="text" id="autocomplete" />

and this is my script

            source: function(process) {
                var data =  <?php Widgets::allProducts() ?>;

        matcher: function(item) {

                .indexOf(this.query.toLocaleLowerCase()) != -1;

        highlighter: function(item) {
            return item.name;

        updater: function (item) {
            return JSON.parse(item).name;



this is how my var data looks like

var data =  [{"name":"Acne.org","id":"5"},{"name":"AcneFree","id":"6"},{"name":"Alpha Hydrox","id":"16"},{"name":"AmLactin","id":"17"},{"name":"Astara","id":"21"}];

What i want to do is get the product name listed (which is name in var data ) and upon selecting the product redirect the user to product page (with the help of product id which i am getting in var data as id).

I am just lost at this stage as i am not getting any error. I will appreciate any push to right direction.

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