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I need to group tooltips about errors showed by jQuery Validator. So I have written simple loop with setInterval to check if in the same row are more than one input with error class.

   setInterval(function() {
      $('div.row-4:has([name].error)').each(function() {
         var tmp = $('[name].error', this);
         if(tmp.length > 1) {
            $('label.error', this).hide();

                  $(document.createElement('span')).text('Fields with errors were marked with red color')
         } else {
            $('[name].error', this).parent().find('label.error').show();
   }, 50);

And in Opera it's causing blinking on opened Select element.

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The "blink" you see are from the .xrror elements being removed and added in a very short time. Some browsers skip rendering this altogether, but it is not the case for Opera. –  Brian Sep 30 '13 at 14:37

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Instead of using a setInterval function every 50 miliseconds, which will consume a lot of resources, you should bind your function on events like submit, or change. As it seems to be related to a form validation, you do not need to do anything unless the user modify a field.

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Why I didn't thought about it... thanks! –  marverix Oct 1 '13 at 8:41

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