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I am using Pygments as a source highlighter for documenting a C++ project. Both Python 2.7.x and Pygments are their latest versions. I am having trouble getting a highlighted html output for my source code when I run pygments using command line:

pygmentize  -f html -o a.html test1.cpp

The result is a colorless html output. Curiously, running the same command with Rich Text File format results in a colored rtf file:

pygmentize  -f rtf -o a.rtf test1.cpp

I tried a simpler C code and the html output was highlighted correctly. Any ideas why this is happening? The sample code I am having trouble with is here

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I've noticed the same thing with C++. Since you know what language to highlight ahead of time, try this:

pygmentize -N test1.CPP

This will tell you which lexer pygmentize will use. It should be CppLexer but if not then tell pygmentize to use the CppLexer lexer:

pygmentize -f html -o a.html -l CppLexer test1.cpp

I know this was asked awhile ago and not surprising the sample code you posted is now gone therefore I can't test it.

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