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Rhino is running in following directory


and I need to launch another bash script in context of another directory:


with all environment variable of its directory, especially PWD.

e.g. output of:

      runCommand("pwd", {env{pwd:"/xxx/zzz/"}});

should be:


How can I properly define the environment variable? Thanks in advance!

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You're just missing the correct syntax for the options object. Here's the example from the rhino shell documentation:

js> runCommand("sh", "-c", "echo $env1 $env2", { env: {env1: 100, env2: 200}})

So, you can do:

runCommand("sh","-c","cd $mydir && pwd", {env: {mydir: "/xxx/zzz"}})
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It seems I missed it thought its complicated example. th@nks –  Babay Oct 1 '13 at 10:28

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