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I'm new to Kendo UI Mobile and I'm trying to display a list of wines from a JSON object for a mobile app I'm trying to create.

When the app is launched nothing happends, so I guess something is not linked up properly.

Can anyone take a look and see what is wrong?


  "wine": [
      "id": "9",
      "name": "BLOCK NINE",
      "year": "2009",
      "grapes": "Pinot Noir",
      "country": "USA",
      "region": "California",
      "description": "With hints of ginger and spice, this wine makes an excellent complement to light appetizer and dessert fare for a holiday gathering.",
      "picture": "block_nine.jpg"
      "id": "11",
      "name": "BODEGA LURTON",
      "year": "2011",
      "grapes": "Pinot Gris",
      "country": "Argentina",
      "region": "Mendoza",
      "description": "Solid notes of black currant blended with a light citrus make this wine an easy pour for varied palates.",
      "picture": "bodega_lurton.jpg"


        <div id="tabstrip-winelist" 
             data-title="Wine List"

            <div class="winelist">
                <ul class="winelist" 
                    data-bind="source: winelistDataSource">


        <div data-role="layout" data-id="tabstrip-layout" ></div>


(function(global) {  
    var WinelistViewModel,
        app = global.app = global.app || {};

    WinelistViewModel = kendo.data.ObservableObject.extend({
        winelistDataSource: null,

        init: function () {
            var that = this,

            kendo.data.ObservableObject.fn.init.apply(that, []);

            var wine_model = kendo.data.Model.define({
                id: "id",
                name: "name",
                year: "year",
                grapes: "grapes",
                country: "country",
                region: "region",
                description: "description",
                picture: "picture"

            dataSource = new kendo.data.DataSource({
                transport: {
                    read: {
                        url: "http://www.mydomain.co.uk/api/wines",
                        dataType: "json"
                schema: {
                    model: "wine_model"

            that.set("winelistDataSource", dataSource.wine);


    app.inelistService = {
        viewModel: new WinelistViewModel()

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