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I want to make a label appear and disappear, but I am having a problem with grid_forget(). This is part of the code:

def creabackuno():
    showinfo( "Wait..","I am creating the backup, please wait...")
    vsl=Label(gui,text="Working, please wait...",font=("arial",16)).grid(row=20,rowspan=1,column=0,columnspan=1,padx=10,sticky=N)
        showinfo( "OK!","Backup (1) created!")
    except OSError:
        showerror( "Nope!","There is already a backup to restore")

And this is the error of the console:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'grid_forget'
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You currently have vsl equal to the return value of the grid method of Label. Furthermore, this method always returns None (hence, the NoneType in your error). Make your code like this:

vsl=Label(gui,text="Working, please wait...",font=("arial",16))

Now vsl points to the label, not the return value of the grid method, which is None.

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