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I have a Django 1.5.1 webapp using Celery 3.0.23 with RabbitMQ 3.1.5. and sqlite3.
I can submit jobs using a simple result = status.tasks.mymethod.delay(parameter), all tasks executes correctly:

[2013-09-30 17:04:11,369: INFO/MainProcess] Got task from broker: status.tasks.prova[a22bf0b9-0d5b-4ce5-967a-750f679f40be]
[2013-09-30 17:04:11,566: INFO/MainProcess] Task status.tasks.mymethod[a22bf0b9-0d5b-4ce5-967a-750f679f40be] succeeded in 0.194540023804s: u'Done'

I want to display in a page the latest 10 jobs submitted and their status. Is there a way in Django to get such objects? I see a couple of tables in the database (celery_taskmeta and celery_taskmeta_2ff6b945) and tried some accesses to the objects but Django always displays a AttributeError page.
What is the correct way to access Celery results from Django?

cel = celery.status.tasks.get(None)  
cel = status.tasks.all()

does not work, resulting in the aforementioned AttributeError. (status is the name of my app)

EDIT: I am sure tasks are saved, as this small tutorial says:
By default django-celery stores this state in the Django database. You may consider choosing an alternate result backend or disabling states alltogether (see Result Backends).
Following the links there are only references on how to setup the DB connection and not how to retrieve the results.

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Try this:

from djcelery.models import TaskMeta

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