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I'm always worried about using two instances of DbContext that would require distributed transaction coordinator, especially when I'm using a library like SimpleMembership which has its own connection to the database.

This problem is always an issue in my case. For example I'm using SimpleMembership provider for my application's user accounts and I want to save a user with additional information, like company. So without MSDTC enable I can't do this inside a transaction. So it is possible that inconsistent data is inserted into the database.

So my question is should I worry about this problem and try to find a better solution or I can just enable MSDTC on my server and don't worry about it? Is there any consequences of enabling MSTDC ?


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I'd check how it plays with your high availability story. AFAIK mirroring failovers are problematic with MSDTC. –  usr Sep 30 '13 at 15:43

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