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My requirement might be very basic, but i'm new to DNN technology. google search doesn't help me.

I have millions of users in sql server with all details like password firstname, lastname, ....

I just want to move these users to DNN database. What is the best way for that ? It can be any stored procedure calling or I can write console application for that.

I created console application, but it is saying nullreference error, as it is a console application and unable to read site configuration, is there a way to manually set the configurations?

I am using latest version of DNN software and .NET 4.0. c#

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aspx page option:

Create a new page in root of dnn that inherints from dotnetnuke.framework.pagebase and use this dnn wiki page to see how you can easily create user and add it to specific role.

Windows/console application option:

You can look at http://iweb.adefwebserver.com/ which is a windows application and consuming dnn api with some web services to get data from dnn. That will be a good starting point.

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