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I'm working on a form that have several fields with user's information (like his address) and, in the same form, several checkboxes and radio buttons. I want to keep autofill on, but only for the text fields. The radios and checkboxes all have custom events that trigger some ajaxes to update the page summaries and some other things.

Problem is: I did put autocomplete="off" on all fields I don't want autofill to mess up.. and that does work. But on chrome, when you have an autofilled a form, a "clear form" option shows up when you double click any field that is part of the autofilled form.

This clear form triggers a reset on the form object but this reset just don't fire any event. And it clears the whole form, even the radios and checkboxes. This breaks the functionality of my form because the custom events on the radios and checkboxes are not triggered.

The only solution I could think was to, using javascript, try to cache the current selections on the fields and keep comparing using a interval function... but that looks like a lame solution to me... it is kind of heavy and not very intuitive for other people to maintain this code. Does anyone know if this is a chrome bug or if there is any secret event I should be listening to, instead of "reset"?

Thank you

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Does the input event work? (dispatched on all modified input elements). – Rob W Sep 30 '13 at 17:04
Cool.. thank you, that worked. But is there a way of detecting if it's a regular change or clear form change? I can make it work this way, but still.. the code I execute to fix the issue is executed on every change on the inputs.. even if they are manual typing... Which is not ideal. – Trindade Sep 30 '13 at 19:38

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