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Here is a way to do an HTTP post using Indy, in one line, more or less:

Response := FIdHttp.Post(URL, StringStream);

Is there a function out there (function, not library) that allows the equivalent to be done using WinInet?

Preferably, a function that resembles this:

function PostUsingWinInet(const URL, Data :string; SSL :boolean) :string;

I do not want to reinvent the wheel and write my own wrapper function if one already exists.


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See this Stack Overflow question: How to send a HTTP POST Request in Delphi using WinInet api.

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Thanks, but the function posted there is not self-contained; it relies on other functions the author wrote but did not post. – scrapdog Dec 22 '09 at 15:33
No, it is not. It uses only WinInet and Sysutils and maybe Windows (can't bother to check). – gabr Dec 22 '09 at 15:51

Take a look at Synapse. Yes it is a library, but not a component one. It exposes classes and simple blocking functions that take the pain out of TCP/IP communication.

For instance, a small program which performs a post (ssl is supported btw):


  url : string;
  urldata : string;
  PostData : tMemoryStream;

  if HttpPostURL(URL, URLData, PostData) then
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