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I am converting a legacy VB6 application which used the now-depcreated ADO.NET Oracle Provider to query a Oracle database and export to a Shift-JIS text file.

Where I'm seeing the problem is that, using Entity Framework and ODP.NET, the string I get back has a 0x3F in it, in a spot where it should be a 0x81 0x60 double byte character.

Everything else about the string looks fine (the other double byte characters are coming in). But this 'long tilde' character gets written to the file system as a "?". I'm creating the 932 Encoding and using that to open the file stream, but again, just one of the characters in the string isn't matching the legacy VB6 code which queries that same database.

I'm not sure whether the problem is with the way I've configured the ODP.NET client or what. Any thoughts?

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