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In the shell script, I am calling a PLSQL stored procedure

sqlplus -s <

But when there is an error in the plsql block, I need to error out shell script which is running as a host concurrent program in oracle but it is not doing so.

I am new to the shell script and any help is really appreciated.

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See this. –  devnull Oct 1 '13 at 7:47

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How about using WHENEVER SQLERROR EXIT N in your SQL script? This returns N to your shell script.

Documentation here.

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Thanks for your response.. I really appreciate your time... I already used this and still my shell script completes successfully even i have an error in plsql code –  sam Sep 30 '13 at 20:13

Unfortunately, there is no simple, easy way to do this. SQLPLUS mostly returns success (0) regardless of the status of the underlying PL/SQL commands. Even using the 'WHENEVER SQLERROR EXIT' does not pass that error numerical status back up to the calling shell.

SQLPLUS returns 0 because it was able to successfully execute the command.

However, I have found a way around this, but you need to create a log file from your sql session and then grep out the error.

sqlplus -s /nolog <<EOD >> ${sql_local_output_file}

  PROCEDURE error( p_msg VARCHAR2 ) IS
            error_date    VARCHAR2(20);
            dbms_output.put_line( '[' || error_date || ']: ERROR  ' || p_msg );
    END error;


if (grep -q -e "ERROR" ${sql_local_output_file}); then
    logInfo "Error found in sql script, ( ${sh_script} )."  
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