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I have done some research on JavaFX over the last year, and even built some basic desktop apps with it.

It's described as being used to create RIAs (Rich Internet Application).


But can it really be deployed by a web browser? I have only deployed it via an executable JAR file.

How easy is it to deploy via web browser? Does it work? Does anyone have experience with this?


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JavaFx - can it really be deployed in a browser?

Yes, JavaFX applications can be deployed so that they run inside a web browser hosted html web page.

The technology which allows this to occur is the Java Plugin. This plugin is currently a NPAPI based browser plugin solution. The Java Plugin is shipped with the Oracle Java 7 Runtime Standard Environment.

Not all browsers are supported, only those listed on the JavaFX Supported Configurations page.

How easy is it to deploy via web browser?

The easiest way to deploy a JavaFX project in a web browser is:

  1. Create a new JavaFX project in NetBeans.
  2. Develop a simple HelloWorld App.
  3. Follow the instructions for Deploying your first JavaFX Application.

This is not difficult (in my opinion).

Alternatively, follow instructions on the detailed reference for Deploying JavaFX Applications (or use 3rd party tools). For many projects, using a tool other than the NetBeans IDE to perform packaging is a better approach. However, it is generally easier to let the NetBeans IDE handle deployment packaging tasks for you.

What follows is not related to answering the original question, but provides some opinions and information requested in comments on this answer.

Some Advice

There are pitfalls to deploying Java in a browser. I encourage you to do your own Google research on the subject.

In my mind, based upon the current JavaFX 2.x deployment model, for most application types that require a browser as the primary runtime container, using JavaFX is not an appropriate solution.

Examine the deployment and runtime requirements for your application. Based on your requirements, and knowledge of the JavaFX browser based execution model, decide if a browser based deployment using JavaFX technology is the correct mechanism for your application.

A couple of potential difficulties for browser embedded JavaFX applications

Some important browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 10, iOS Safari and soon Desktop Chrome) don't permit execution of plugins using the NPAPI currently used by the Java browser plugin => some of your target users may be unable to use your application.

With a browser embedded application, you don't have complete control over the runtime on which your application executes (browser + Java runtime + plugin interface) => an application which was working when first installed may stop functioning as expected after an update to these runtime components.

Deployment Alternatives

If a browser based deployment model is not appropriate for your application, there are other ways to deploy JavaFX applications (e.g. WebStart, stand-alone jars and self-contained applications).

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Thanks much for your comments. I think you would be doing everyone a big favor if you could list just your top 2-3 complaints about using JavaFX in a broswer. –  Alex Mills Oct 1 '13 at 3:48
OK, updated answer with a couple of potential difficulties (not complaints). –  jewelsea Oct 1 '13 at 5:54
@jewelsea i want to run javafx on andorid. I read it here bitbucket.org/javafxports/android/wiki/… but not able to implement it..give me some suggestion ? –  Anshul Parashar Mar 20 at 4:59
@anshul I have never used Android so I have no idea. Asking a new question is better than commenting on a different one. In your question you can describe what you tried and where you had an issue, then people can understand the difficulties better and learn from the solution. –  jewelsea Mar 20 at 7:39
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