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I need some help implementing asynchronous events in Powershell.

As a testbed for a larger HID project I want to use Powershell to read the data from a usb panic button that I got off amazon. The perfect solution would implement the data callback as an event that could then be registered using Register-ObjectEvent.

My current approach is to use the Hidlibrary library. I am having difficulty invoking both the Read() or ReadReport() methods. They do not appear to be typical asynccallbacks and the standard solution of using New-ScriptBlockCallback does not work.

What I have so far that works and allows me to pull a readhandle.

Add-Type -Path .\Projects\UsbPanicButton\HidLibrary.dll
$device = [HidLibrary.HidDevices]::GetDevice('\\?\hid#vid_1130&pid_0202&mi_00#7&29add023&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}')

This does not work. (Cannot find an overload)

$device.ReadReport((New-ScriptBlockCallback {Write-host "HI"}))

How can I convert the ReadReport method into an event that can be registered?

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The ReadReport method signature:

public delegate void ReadReportCallback(HidReport report);

Isn't a fit for New-ScriptBlockCallback. It works with methods taking an AsyncCallback parameter. IF you know the callback is called on the creating thread during the ReadReport method call you can use:

$device.ReadReport({param($hidReport) $hidReport.ReadStatus })

If it is called back on a different thread, try this modified version of the New-ScriptBlockCallback function:

function New-ScriptBlockCallback {

    if (-not ("CallbackEventBridge" -as [type])) {
        Add-Type @"
            using System;
            using HidLibrary;

            public sealed class CallbackEventBridge
                public event HidDevice.ReadReportCallback CallbackComplete = delegate { };

                private CallbackEventBridge() {}

                private void CallbackInternal(HidReport report)

                public HidDevice.ReadReportCallback Callback
                    get { return new HidDevice.ReadReportCallback(CallbackInternal); }

                public static CallbackEventBridge Create()
                    return new CallbackEventBridge();
    $bridge = [callbackeventbridge]::create()
    Register-ObjectEvent -input $bridge -EventName callbackcomplete -action $callback -messagedata $args > $null
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Thanks Keith! I was not able to get the second method to work. Is this how I call ReadReport? $device.ReadReport({New-ScriptBlockCallback {Write-Host "HI"}}) It crashes powershell. –  Snowdogging Oct 3 '13 at 19:31
You would call it like so: $device.ReadReport((new-scriptblock {Write-Host "hi"})). –  Keith Hill Oct 3 '13 at 20:05

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