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I'm trying to insert a row using this example code:

I'm receiving an error: 400
  "code" : 400,
  "errors" : [ {
    "domain" : "global",
    "message" : "Invalid table ID \"projectid:datasetid.tableid\".",
    "reason" : "invalid"
  } ],
  "message" : "Invalid table ID \"projectid:datasetid.tableid\"."

The project, dataset and table all exist. When I copy the actual projectid:datasetid.tableid from the error report and paste it into the BigQuery web UI, it works. The projectid has a '-' in it, the rest is alphanumeric. Why would the API complain about an id that the web UI accepts?

Update to answer Jordan's question. This is my call:

TableDataInsertAllResponse response =
    .insertAll(projectId, datasetId, table.getId(), content)

Before I call this, I ensure the project, dataset and table all exist by getting them. I then use the table's actual id.

New information: turns out (as you suspected) the table.getId() returns the fully qualified id, including project and dataset. When I hardcode the shortened id to exclude them, it worked.

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It sounds like you're sending a single name as the table name rather than splitting it up into components. If that isn't the case, can you send the actual code you are calling? – Jordan Tigani Sep 30 '13 at 23:35
Hi Jordan. Updated. (Btw, thanks for the effort you guys put into SO.) – Richard Watson Oct 1 '13 at 5:30
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Aha... ok this is expected. The table.getId() call is going to return the fully-qualified name of the table (i.e. project:dataset.table). (see

Try table.getTableReference().getTableId() instead. (see

Why, you may ask? Every REST resource is supposed to have a unique id. The table's fully-qualified unique ID is the project:dataset.table name. However, when you are passing the components of the id, the table component is just the last part of that name.

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