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Given the following sample dataset:

col1 <- c("X1","X2","X3|X4|X5","X6|X7")
col2 <- c("5","8","1","4")
dat <- data.frame(col1,col2)

How can I split the col1 by | and enter them as separate rows with duplicated col2 values? Here's the dataframe that I'd like to end up with:

col1 col2
  X1    5
  X2    8
  X3    1
  X4    1
  X5    1
  X6    4
  X7    4

I need a solution that can accomodate multiple columns similar to col2 that also need to be duplicated.

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What have you tried so far? – EDi Sep 30 '13 at 20:24
Welcome to stackoverflow! As you are new on SO, please take some time to read about Stackoverflow and how to ask. It is great that you have provide a minimal, reproducible data set. However, it is also important that you show us what you have tried. I am sure many people out there (e.g. me) are much more willing to help if you share the code you have tried and explain where it went wrong. Thanks! – Henrik Sep 30 '13 at 21:44
You can try concat.split.multiple from my "splitstackshape" package: library(splitstackshape); concat.split.multiple(dat, "col1", "|", "long"). – A Handcart And Mohair Oct 2 '13 at 5:36
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Just split the character string and then repeat the other columns based on the length.

y<-strsplit(as.character( dat[,1])  , "|", fixed=TRUE)
data.frame(col1= unlist(y), col2= rep(dat[,2], sapply(y, length)))
  col1 col2
1   X1    5
2   X2    8
3   X3    1
4   X4    1
5   X5    1
6   X6    4
7   X7    4

And if you need to repeat many columns except the first

data.frame(col1= unlist(y), dat[ rep(1:nrow(dat), sapply(y, length)) , -1 ] )
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