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I have a system using PHP SDK where people can post messages to a Facebook page as the page admins.
This works great, but I'm trying to integrate tags inside the post and it doesn't seem to work at all. I just want to add the name of my admin with a link to their page in the post. It can appear as: - with Admin_name or as a link in the post, either is good. I don't need to tag images, just add a link to the page in the text with the name of the admin.

When I try passing


in the message, it either shows directly as text or gets removed. I did try passing a complete https url or an id as $pageId, but neither worked.
For example:
"@[".$pageId."] Hello world!" shows as: @[PAGE_ID] Hello world! or it shows as: Hello world!

I also tried using the tags/place params, but they do not seem to do anything in the post... With or without the @ in the message, it just didn't work...
For example:

$this->message = "@[".$pageId.":0:".$pageTitle."] This is my test message.";
$this->tags = $pageId;
$this->place = $pageId;

$attachment = array( 'access_token' => $pageAccessToken,
                     'message' => $this->message,
                     'tags' => $this->tags,
                     'place' => $this->place);

$response = $facebook->api(

But the posts never shows any tag/place. It seems the @ call can only be used with open graph, but then, I do not see what the tags and place params are for in the graph api... https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/publishing/
in the last section, it does mention that a post can take a tags and place params, right?

I am missing permissions?
My application has the following permissions: publish_stream,manage_pages,user_photos,photo_upload,video_upload,user_videos,status_update
Am I using the parameters wrong? I couldn't find an example of anyone using those for a post.

Otherwise, is there a way to post a link with a customized title? I know if I post the full url, facebook will detect it and make it work. But can I send html in some way or something?


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