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Is it possible to generate a Dockerfile from an image? I want to know for two reasons:

  1. I can download images from the repository but would like to see the recipe that generated them.

  2. I like the idea of saving snapshots, but once I am done it would be nice to have a structured format to review what was done.

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To understand how a docker image was built, use the docker history command.

You can build a docker file from an image, but it will not contain everything you would want to fully understand how the image was generated. Reasonably what you can extract is the MAINTAINER, ENV, EXPOSE, VOLUME, WORKDIR, ENTRYPOINT, CMD, and ONBUILD parts of the dockerfile.

The following script should work for you:

docker history --no-trunc "$1" | \
sed -n -e 's,.*/bin/sh -c #(nop) \(MAINTAINER .*[^ ]\) *0 B,\1,p' | \
head -1
docker inspect --format='{{range $e := .Config.Env}}
ENV {{$e}}
{{end}}{{range $e,$v := .Config.ExposedPorts}}
EXPOSE {{$e}}
{{end}}{{range $e,$v := .Config.Volumes}}
VOLUME {{$e}}
{{end}}{{with .Config.User}}USER {{.}}{{end}}
{{with .Config.WorkingDir}}WORKDIR {{.}}{{end}}
{{with .Config.Entrypoint}}ENTRYPOINT {{json .}}{{end}}
{{with .Config.Cmd}}CMD {{json .}}{{end}}
{{with .Config.OnBuild}}ONBUILD {{json .}}{{end}}' "$1"

I use this as part of a script to rebuild running containers as images: https://github.com/docbill/docker-scripts/blob/master/docker-rebase

The Dockerfile is mainly useful if you want to be able to repackage an image.

The thing to keep in mind, is a docker image can actually just be the tar backup of a real or virtual machine. I have made several docker images this way. Even the build history shows me importing a huge tar file as the first step in creating the image...

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It is not possible at this point (unless the author of the image explicitly included the Dockerfile).

However, it is definitely something useful! There are two things that will help to obtain this feature.

  1. Trusted builds (detailed in this docker-dev discussion
  2. More detailed metadata in the successive images produced by the build process. In the long run, the metadata should indicate which build command produced the image, which means that it will be possible to reconstruct the Dockerfile from a sequence of images.
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