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this is simple but I was hoping for a quick command (using sed, cut, awk or something in BASH preferably) to do this:

replace any line that starts with the symbol @:

@<text, on one line, including numbers, letters and colons>


@<text, on one line, including numbers, letters and colons>/1

The @ is always consistent, the <text, on one line, including numbers, letters and colons> changes. (It's Fastq format for the bioinformaticians out there).


@HWI-D00193:58:H73UEADXX:1:1101:1516:2209 1:N:0:ATCACG

change to

@HWI-D00193:58:H73UEADXX:1:1101:1516:2209 1:N:0:ATCACG/1

I know this is simple sorry.

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came upon this while looking for more broader question: how to replace whole line, which is answered here with cat file | sed 's/^.*STRING_TO_BE_REPLACED.*$/LINE_TO_REPLACE_WITH/' >new_file – alexey Oct 27 '15 at 21:36
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With sed, you can do as below:

sed "/^@/ s/$/\/1/g" file

This matches lines that start with @ and then appends (substitution at the end to be precise) the /1 on all the matching lines.

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Wonderful thanks.. works for me.. Is the syntax: "/^@/ (matches any line starting with @) s/$/\/1/g" (appends /1)? – user2214046 Sep 30 '13 at 23:31
Yes. It'll append to any line starting with @. But won't append to lines where @ may appear at other positions except at the beginning. – l3x Oct 1 '13 at 5:52

Using awk

awk '/^@/ {$0=$0"/1"}1' file
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