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I have a simple object hierarchy, and I want to query each of the objects using list(). The problem is that because of polymorphism, Task.list() returns both instances of type Task and ComplexTask.

class Task {

class ComplexTask extends Task {

I realize I can solve my problem by having a common abstract superclass, or filter results based on returned type, but was wondering if there is a way to use dynamic finders and get back superclass instances only.

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Using the default table-per-hierarchy inheritance strategy, you can do something like this:

Task.findAll("from Task as t where t.class = 'Task'")
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+1. Thanks - you are right, I should have mentioned I am trying to use tablePerHierarchy=false, although I can probably switch to the other other one, since I expect to have relatively few superclass objects. –  Jean Barmash Dec 15 '09 at 23:16

i think that has to do with lazy loading, because the real instance is not loaded completely not only for relations but also for inheritance.

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