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I have quite a script that adds items into a table. I need to pull information from a MySQL database based on the UPC that is passed through the JavaScript.

I tried: document.write("<?php echo '375'; ?>"); just to see if it would work, and once the script got to that line, the page refreshed and displayed a blank white page.

The full java script is below:

//setup before functions
var field = document.getElementById("UPC");
var typingTimer;                //timer identifier
var doneTypingInterval = 1000;  //time in ms, 1 seconds

//on keyup, start the countdown
  typingTimer = setTimeout(doneTyping, doneTypingInterval);

//on keydown, clear the countdown 

function doneTyping () {
//user is "finished typing," do something
if (field.value.length != 0) {
    var upc=document.getElementById("UPC").value;
    var price = document.write("<?php echo '375'; ?>");
    var weight = parseInt(document.getElementById("weight").value);
    var table=document.getElementById("ScannedItems");
    var total = weight * price;
    var row=table.insertRow(-1);
    var cell1=row.insertCell(0);
    var cell2=row.insertCell(1);
    var cell3=row.insertCell(2);
    var cell4=row.insertCell(3);
    var cell5=row.insertCell(4);
    var cell6=row.insertCell(5);
    cell2.innerHTML="Example Description";
    cell3.innerHTML = "$" + price.toFixed(2);
    cell4.innerHTML = weight + " lbs";
    cell5.innerHTML = "$" + total.toFixed(2);
    cell5.setAttribute('data-total', total); // caches the total into data
    cell6.innerHTML="<a class='add'><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-plus' style='padding-right:15px;'></span></a><a class='delete'><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-minus'></span></a>";
    field.value ='';

    var total = cell5.getAttribute('data-total');
    var salesTax = Math.round(((total / 100) * 8.25)*100)/100;
    var totalAmount = (total*1) + (salesTax * 1);

    document.getElementById('displaysubtotal').innerHTML="$" + (Math.floor(total * 100) / 100).toFixed(2);
    document.getElementById('displaytax').innerHTML="$" + salesTax;
    document.getElementById('displaytotal').innerHTML="$" + totalAmount;

    // Duplicate a scanned item
    var $table = $('#ScannedItems');
    $('#ScannedItems').on('click', '.add', function () {
    var $tr = $(this).closest('tr').clone();


    // Remove a line item
    var $table = $('#ScannedItems');
    $('#ScannedItems').on('click', '.delete', function () {
    var $tr = $(this).closest('tr').remove();

I must figure out how to get information from my database for this project or it is going to fail. please help me!

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Javascript executes on the client side, PHP executes on the server side. So PHP is done executing before JS starts.

So in order to fetch new data, you'll need to initiate a call to your server. You can do this by either refreshing the page with the results you need or by creating an AJAX call.

To make it more clear, take a closer look at the example you gave. View the source code in your browser. It will come out as document.write("375");. That's because PHP echo'ed the string '375' into your JS code on the server side before sending the page to the browser (which is where the JS code executes).

PHP can generate JS code, but JS cannot generate PHP code (in the usual sense).

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Ok so I have re-created my javascript to include an ajax. Now how do I get the pulled data from the database back into the javascript to display it in the table? –  Mitch Evans Oct 1 '13 at 1:45
Whatever you echo in your PHP code will be sent back as the AJAX response. I recommend you go through a tutorial on AJAX (trust me, it's worth it...you'll use AJAX again). For this usage, I would recommend that you output your response from PHP in JSON format. Then it will be received by your AJAX call response as a JS object/array that you can loop through to create the rows in your table. –  Travesty3 Oct 1 '13 at 13:04

PHP is executed on the server before serving generate HTML to a clients browser. Any PHP code inserted by the javascript on the client will not run.

If you want to have code inserted dynamically from PHP, you might investigate how to use AJAX calls to run a separate PHP server-side script and insert the returned content.

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