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I have a webpage where a row displays name, relation and date. I want to search for the matching row as per my values. Using Xpath, I have built the below mentioned code. The only problem is the last part (the date). I want to pick up the current date and fit it into the search query..i.e. instead of 30 Sep 2013, I want it to search for 01 Oct 2013 (assuming today is this date). Any clue how can i do that??

$x('//tr[descendant::b[text()="text1"] and descendant::a[@class="bill" and text()="for Automation"] and descendant::td[text()="30 Sep 2013"]]')
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You have to build the expression dynamically and append the date string at the end based on some date object. The specific implementation depends on which programming language you're using

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yeah..got that right now :)..used var today = DateTime.Today.ToString("dd MMM yyyy");...and appended +today+ in the Xpath...Somehow I cannot answer my own question within 8 hours of posting my question...but thanks for your input..Appreciated.. –  user2434600 Oct 1 '13 at 2:07

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