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I'm working with Firemonkey in Delphi XE4 and I'm unable to create a new component using the menu item Component -> New Component. Whether the component is a VCL or Firemonkey component or whether I create a package first the result is the same. The Tool Palette in Delphi appears to be searched and gradually it closes leaving it empty of components and a component dialog box that says "No Items available" when it comes to selecting an ancestor component.

I have two separate installations of Delphi XE4 and the same symptoms appear on both. It appears that Delphi believes that there are no suitable base components on which to build a new component.

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Creating components is fairly straightforward in code.

  • Create a unit.
  • Add code for your component.
  • Add a Register procedure.

    procedure Register;
      RegisterComponents('NewPage', [TMyComponent]);
  • Add a declaration for Register in the implements section.

  • Add a call to RegisterFMXClasses in your initialization section.

  • Create a package.

  • Add the unit to the package.
  • Right-click the package (in the top-right panel) and select Install.

(Note: It's usually best to create your component at run time whilst testing. You only need to do the package stuff once it's fairly stable).

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Although this is generally true, it does not answer the question why the standard delphi way via Component - New Component does not work. – Rocky Luck Sep 16 '14 at 15:04

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