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We are developing a Medical Data Analysis Application. We have a discussion to go for either NHibernate or DB4o.Can you please give a suggestion for choosing the efficient one.

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Define the criteria for "the efficent one" – Wyatt Barnett Dec 15 '09 at 22:15
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These are apples and oranges products.

NHibernate is an ORM, while DB4o is an object database. If you gave more requirements, it might be easier to help, but the choice between these two is going to hinge on more things about the environment and database philosophy.

Depending on the type of data analysis, I would expect not choosing DB4o, and in fact, probably not choosing an ORM at all, or it not even being important at all, since a lot of data analysis is either database intensive (traditional normal-form RDBMS or some data warehouse model - Kimball or Inmon-style - or NoSQL - massively distributed, non-relational - still the kings there) or numerical data intensive (memory data structures, signal-processing - you don't want your databases in these loops anyway).

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Here are a couple of other relevant questions that might help:

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