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  1. Looking for a command like ls -R or dir/s can list all files in a commit/branch.
  2. Is there any command can compare two files from different branch? Thanks! a lot!
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Why 'git-svn' tag? –  Jakub Narębski Dec 15 '09 at 22:19

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  1. git ls-tree -r --name-only <commit> (where instead of <commit> there can be <branch>).
    You might want to use also -t option which lists subdirectories before descending into them
  2. git diff <branchA>:<fileA> <branchB>:<fileB>,
    or if you want to compare the same file git diff <branchA> <branchB> -- <file>
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To compare two files from different branches:

git diff branch_1..branch_2 file.txt

To list all files in a tree object:

git ls-tree -r branch
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To list all files added in the new branch

git diff --name-only branch1 master
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