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Hey Guys I'm developing a site which uses PFold jquery plugin (DemoLink: http://tympanus.net/Development/PFold/index3.html
Code lInk: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/10/17/pfold-paper-like-unfolding-effect/comment-page-2/#comment-450779 ) .

The problem I'm facing is I want to change the layout out the page and position the images differently. Here is my code:

HTML:(Basic layout code which demonstates what kind of layout I want)

<div></div><!-- In css Of this Float: left . It has an image and I want this image to be the larger and (like its row spanning and colspanning ) -->

<div><!-- In css Of this Float: right -->

    <div class="uc-container"><!-- This has 2 divs coz " Its the basic structure required for Pfold Plugin to be used(Given on site)" -->
                    <div class="uc-initial-content" id="hovermahindra">
                        <img src="mahindra.gif" alt="Mahindra" /> 
                        <p class="textSponsor"><strong>Mahindra Rise</strong></p>

                        <span class="icon-eye"></span>
                    <div class="uc-final-content">
                        <img src="mahindra.gif" alt="mahindra-large" />

                        <div class="title"><h4>Mahindra Rise</h4>  <a href="http://drbl.in/eLEa" class="icon-link"></a></div>
                        <span class="icon-cancel"></span>
                </div><!-- / uc-container -->

    <div></div> <!-- Same type of layout of these three divs as the previous div-->


So I guess you understand what type of layout I wish. The layout is coming fine but page unfolding effect does'nt work!

But when I tried it without changing the layout of the page and changing necessary parameters(required for my site) , page unfolding effect worked fine and as soon I just added some divs to just position the layout it stopped working.

Please I really need some help to change the layout and the effect also works

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