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I have downloaded Hadoop VM from Yahoo site and started Hadoop VM through VMware player. I saw no issues. As been mentioned in Yahoo, I made use of Eclipse Europa (v 3.3.1) and I downloaded a jar file (hadoop-0.18.3-eclipse-plugin) to make MapReduce plugin on in eclipse. I started linux VM with hadoop and in eclipse created new DFS location (entered IP of my VM, Map/Reduce master port 9001, DFS port 9000. But in the node I got the error "Error:null."

screenshot for reference

What I'm doing wrong? Also while configuring Hadoop variables in eclipse, i am not seeing in advanced tab while setting up hadoop location.

I'm using Eclipse Europe 3.3.1 and Hadoop 0.18.0.

Did i went wrong in choosing the version of the plugin?

Thanks for helping.

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Spawn the Eclipse from within Cygwin to resolve this issue.

Go to eclipse installed folder in Cygwin and invoke eclipse.exe

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Above answer helped me; What he says is after installing cygwin open cygwin terminal and go to "cygdrive" ( use cd .. and pwd ) go to your drive and look for eclipse.exe then "run eclipse"

now it will show folders instead of "error:null"

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What I did and worked for me was: following the instructions in this thread: edit this file: \workspace.metadata.plugins\org.apache.hadoop.eclipse\locations and add a property: "hadoop.job.ugi" with value "hadoop-user,ABC"

but also modify the property " mapred.system.dir" to "/hadoop/mapred/system". As you can see in this webpage. I followed all this page for the rest of the configuration.

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