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Is there any tools or cloud service to test the whole site's Javascript and CSS to

generate the compatibility report.

I package whole javascript files as input to the test tool and the tool will generate report tell me which javascript function is not support in IE7 IE8,...

I know BrowserStack can let me simulate in different browser and os. But I don't want to check all the page manually.

Is there any tools or service can achieve this?

thanks in advance.

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If it is possible to check something manually then you can write a selenium script and run it via BrowserStack Automate. You can check out the docs for support of your favorite programming language.

Disclosure: I work at BrowserStack.

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First of all you can use caniuse to find what functions, css, html elements are not supported in each browser (not only IE). The same thing is for mobile browsers.

Currently Browserstack provides automation framework with which you can write your own Selenium scripts to validate your scenarios.

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The JavaScript Compatibility Checker is a free online service that parse and report compatibility issues with pasted or uploaded JavaScript.

An initial port of the same functionality to run in Node has also been made

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I was looking for this recently and came across It's nice that it has the versions split up, but it would be ideal if there was a way to consolidate them all as newBike mentioned.

It's likely a lot bigger task to create a checker like this for Javascript. Hence why a holistic checker has yet to be made.

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