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I'm using elevate zoom effects for zooming facility of image, my image tag is:

<img id="zoom_01"
 src='New folder/small/image.jpg'
 data-zoom-image="New folder/large/image.jpg">

and elevatezoom script is:

    $("#zoom_01").elevateZoom({scrollZoom : true});

I have many images that I want to zoom, with same id,src value is changing but I couldn't change data-zoom-image value.How do change data-zoom-image value,you can also visit any [e coomerce website]that what I'm trying to tell.1

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After change of data zoom-image attribute, you need to re-initialize with elevateZoom like this:

$("#zoom_01").data('zoom-image', 'newURL').elevateZoom({
   responsive: true,
   zoomType: "lens", 
   containLensZoom: true
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I think you need this...

$("#zoom_01").attr('data-zoom-image', 'new path');
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It's not working... data-zoom-image is not actual attribute used in img tag.I downloaded elevate zoom. –  Hashir Hussain Oct 1 '13 at 9:38
Please someone help ASAP it's urgent.... thanks in advance.. –  Hashir Hussain Oct 1 '13 at 10:20
even if it is not original attribute. It should work. Please share some code where you are trying to modify the tag and the src of the image –  Naveed Butt Oct 1 '13 at 10:36
I have three small images as thumbnails and one big image... this is one of the small image <img src="New folder/images/simage.JPG" data-zoom-image="New folder/images/bimage.JPG" />.I want to change Big image's data-zoom-image value with small image's data-zoom-image –  Hashir Hussain Oct 1 '13 at 11:11
this function is called on onClick of small image tag, function changeImg(src,id) { document.getElementById(id).src=src; $(id).attr('data-zoom-image',src); } –  Hashir Hussain Oct 1 '13 at 11:18

If you want change image which shown as zoomed, simply do this

$('.zoomWindowContainer div').stop().css("background-image","url("+ changed_image +")");
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I was having exactly the same problem here, figured it out: it probably doesn't work because the plugin doesn't support changing that particular attribute - it has its own gallery functionality. There are errors in their own documentation, this is how it works:

HTML for main image & thumbnails:

<img id="bigpic" src="small/image1.jpg" data-zoom-image="large/image1.jpg"/>

<div id="gal1">

<a href="#" data-image="small/image1.jpg" data-zoom-image="large/image1.jpg">
<img src="thumb/image1.jpg" />

<a href="#" data-image="small/image2.jpg" data-zoom-image="large/image2.jpg">
<img src="thumb/image2.jpg" />


jQuery for initializing the gallery:

galleryActiveClass: 'active'
  • plus whatever other attributes you want to give it

jQuery for passing the images to the main container:

$("#bigpic").bind("click", function(e) {  
var ez =   $('#bigpic').data('elevateZoom');    
return false;

I'm new to jQuery and I don't really 100% understand the mechanics here, but that's how I got it to work, I hope it works for you!

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Maybe it is too late to add my answer, but let check it out. My solution is only useable when your small and big image are the same.

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