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In sql we get application name by app_name in query, but i dont found any functions or else to get application name in informix database.

could you please help me to get this resolved.

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In recent Informix versions (v11.70+ I believe but would have to check), you can get the front end program name either by running an onstat -g ses SESSION_ID:> onstat -g ses 36

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 12.10.FC2 -- On-Line -- Up 08:00:55 -- 156264 Kbytes

session effective #RSAM total used dynamic id user user tty pid hostname threads memory memory explain 36 informix - 1 28665 centauru 1 114688 88224 off

Program : /usr/informix/srvr1210fc2/bin/dbaccess

tid name rstcb flags curstk status 69 sqlexec 44bb02f0 Y--P--- 6416 cond wait netnorm

or by querying sysmaster:syssession (column name feprogram)

You'll also need recent client side software versions. Regards

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