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I have an app with 2 tabs. The container of app is developed in Native code and CEF has been used to open html pages in one of the tabs. When i switch from Tab 1 (Native) to Tab 2(CEF) contents of tab1 are visible on tab 2, though tab 2 has html page loaded. As i hover mouse over tab 2 in this situation or do nay activity on tab 2(which has presently content of tab 1 visible), html content becomes visible. I have checked that i hide/show calls are properly being sent. As i am not able to find any solution i would like to know if there is some way to refresh the cef page. I think if i am able to refresh tab 2 at every switch to tab 2 it should work fine. Thanks

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Not sure what platform/language you are using. The following C++ code will reload the web page.

CefRefPtr<ClientHandler> g_handler;

You could find cefclient project from the official package, It demonstrates various CEF API usage.

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