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I'm stuck after step 3 in trying to setup remote cross-debugging with Eclipse/RSE:

  1. Installed RSE 3.1 on Eclipse 3.5
  2. Setup a SSH connection profile to my remote device
  3. built binaries using a cross-compiler

Now I can't find the Eclipse option to transfer the binaries to my device and debug using gdb. Under Debug Configurations, I can't find find a "Remote CDT Launch" or " C/C++ Remote Application" referenced by other tutorials.

The only Debug Configuration options I see are the standard "C/C++ Application", "C/C++ Attach", "C/C++ PostMoterm", and "Launch Group".

What should I do next?

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I have not used the remote launch/debug facilities, but maybe these slides from EclipseCon 2008 can help you.

The remote launch was AFAIK moved into CDT itself for Galileo.

Here's the FAQ entry from RSE about remote debugging.

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