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I am creating a hosted app for chrome web browser. I want to include an option for this app so that user can specifiy the URL that the app opens by default. For example, they may want the app to open http://myapp.com/username or http://myapp.com/somethingelse.

Following this, I added "options_page": "options.html" to my manifest file and added options.html. However, I couldn't load the app. My browser said:

Could not load extension from '/home/cookiemon/path/to/myapp'. Invalid value for 'options_page'. Hosted apps must specify an absolute URL.

Does this mean, for hosted apps, I can only include a URL to a page on a web server?

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Yes. Hosted apps aren't much more than bookmarks with slightly enhanced capabilities. Moreover, they're legacy app types that will likely be deprecated. If you want your app to work offline, build a Chrome App.

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