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I'm having a problem with a texture on a cylinder. Basically it is a coin with a texture on it, I have done this before as demo but lost the code. Now the problem I'm facing is that I cant get the edge of the coin to be transparent anymore. The transparent parts of the png appear white on the cylinder, or even the box I tried.

I enabled G20.GL_Blend, have the blending function with alpha_src and one_minus_alpha_src, enabled something like texture_2d. (Srry for the wrong variable names, only on my phone atm, will change @home)

I have tried everything I can find online, but it just doesnt change. It doesnt seem like the blendfunction affects the texture at all.

Oh I'm running the latest nightly for this project, the one before, when it worked, was an older one...could that be it?

Hope someone can help, will post code and photos when i get home if needed


Here is what I get, a box shows it better. Forgott to add a directional light, the grey is white, NOT grey!!

enter image description here

This is the code I use in the render() method(I tried different combinations, so thats why there are so many):

    Gdx.gl20.glBlendFunc(GL20.GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL20.GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA);

    modelBatch.render(instance, environment);

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Add a blending attribute to the model:


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Thanks a lot :) –  Jakub Kučera Feb 23 at 18:53

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