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I'm working on a class similar to UIControl and I would replicate some of its behaviours.

I wonder how Apple has implemented the UIControl structure that stores the relations between actions, targets and UIControlEvents.

Looking at the UIControl class I saw that UIControlEvents (documentation) defines a list of options that we can use to create a bit mask.

In my opinion there is something like a dictionary that uses as keys the event type and stores structure with the target and selector as value.

I can create something similar and probably it works :P but I'd like to have your opinions to be sure to move head straight for the right direction.

For example... the first big doubt that I have is how can I convert a UIControlEvent type into a valid key for a dictionary? (or any other structure if you think that the dictionary is not the solution) have I to convert it to an NSString??? It seems a buggy solution.

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