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I have 4 tables as follows:

  1. User, 2. Article, 3. Client, 4. ClientArticle

The fields are as follows:

  1. User : ID, ClientID, Name
  2. Article: Article ID, Name, value
  3. Client: ID, Name
  4. Client Article: ID, ClientID, ArticleID

I want to have a list of Clients for User where Article.value = 'y'. How can I do that?

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Select c.Id, c.Name from Client c 
    Join ClientArticle ca on c.ID = ca.ClientID
    Join Article a on ca.ArticleID = a.ArticleId
    Where a.Value = 'Y'

You will need to play with the join types depend on the results you want. IE. Left Join, Inner Join etc

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Here is SQLFiddle

And your query should be

Select c.* from Client c 
    Join Client_Article ca on c.id = ca.ClientID
    Join Article a on ca.ArticleID = a.Article_Id
    Where a.Value = 'Y';

And it shows output for above fiddle example as

| ID | NAME |
| 26 |  ccc |
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