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I have a radio element with two options. I want to set one as the default value in case the user forgets to check it. How can I do this?


$this->addElement('radio', 'choose', array(
    'required'   => true,
    'multiOptions' => array(
        'yes' => 'heck yes',
        'no' => 'please no'
    'value' => 'yes' //key of multiOption
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use setValue with key. For example:

$enablestate=new Zend_Form_Element_Radio('enablestate');
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this code should do it

$radio = new Zend_Form_Element_Radio('radio');
$radio->addMultiOption("option1", "option1")->setAttrib("checked", "checked");
$radio->addMultiOption("option2", "option2");

for further readings you can refer to:

ZendFramework manual

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This is how I do when I use element objects

$myRadio = new Element\Radio('myradio');
$myRadio->setLabel("Are you mad?");
$myRadio->setValueOptions(array('0'=>'Yes', '1' =>'No', '2'=>'Maybe'));
$myRadio->setValue('2'); //set it 0 if you sure you know it
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