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I want to use Google Authenticator as one of the security lock in my application. I want to know if there are public APIs available to use Google Authenticator for this purpose. It's a non-google android application which does not need a google account.

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Sure you can. You don't need APIs, the Authenticator is completely open source, and doesn't need to talk to Google servers. There's also a convenient PAM if you're doing straightforward auth. Essentially, you need to get a secret key from the auth module that you enter into the phone app, and you're good to go.

See here for an example of using it to second factor ssh.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. The link definitely seems useful and clears some doubts of using google-authenticator. However, I am still not sure how in the android application that I am developing can I integrate this module. As per the example, to enable google-authenticator for ssh, the sshd has been modified with this addition: auth required pam_google_authenticator.so How will I be able to execute this from an Android app? What else will I be required to register my application with google-authenticator? –  Keya Oct 3 '13 at 7:18
I found how it is to be done. Thanks to the blog: thegreyblog.blogspot.in/2011/12/… and article weblogs.java.net/blog/evanx/archive/2012/11/07/…. This cleared my doubts of using google-authenticator as a client. I could implement an application that creates secret key/QR Code which then I can add to the google-authenticator against a username. –  Keya Oct 8 '13 at 6:55

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