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I have an Android app that authenticates to AppEngine using AccountManager. It has been working for over a year now. While running some tests today, I noticed that the Set-Cookie header was missing from the response to https://my-app.appspot.com/_ah/login?continue=http://localhost/&auth=.... Therefore, I don't have a SACSID, and thus can't authenticate.

After looking into the issue further, I realized that this only happens when I use the account that is the admin of the AppEngine app (this account had no problem authenticating 2 weeks ago). I can sign in without issue in a browser, and non-admin users can get the SACSID using the auth token from AccountManager. I have tried invalidating the auth token and getting a new one, but that didn't work either. I also tried all the different permutations for https and http, and still nothing.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

EDIT: Adding that no cookies are returned with the response at all.

EDIT 2: It seems that AccountManager.invalidateAuthToken("ah", authToken) is not working. After failing to get the SACSID cookie, I try to invalidate the token assuming that it is expired. However, I just checked, and the same token gets returned the next time I request one.

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Seems like the issue was that AccountManager.invalidateAuthToken needs to be called with "com.google" as the accountType not "ah".

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