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adobe-brackets is an open source code editor for the web, written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Although I followed the instructions on how to open a Project ( see also how to create a project in adobe-brackets editor) this does not work for my project-directory which is mapped via sshfs.

Brackets will show the sshfs directory but without any contents. (neither files nor subdirs) Opening other locally stored directories works like a charm.

Any hints/suggestions?

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Update: This is fixed in the latest release of Brackets, Sprint 34. You should now be able to open files on SSHFS file systems with no trouble.

original answer:

What platform are you on? If Linux, you might be seeing bug #5292, which is currently under investigation.

If not, it might be best if you just file a new bug specifying your platform and any other details, and then the Brackets devs (of which I am one) can take a look. When reporting a bug, always check the console log via Debug > Show Developer Tools and paste any exceptions there into your bug report.

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