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I have the following test:

var start_url = 'http://example.com/';
var account_email = 'olav@example.com';
var account_password = '****';

module.exports = {
  'test login': function (test) {
    'use strict';
      .type('#email-field', account_email)
      .type('#password-field', account_password)

The .assert.visible('#logout') does not work. I suspect that I need to introduce some kind of waitFor() but I have not found an example of how to do this.

-- Olav

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You should add a


after your submit() & before your assert.visible('#logout') calls.

If this does not work, than it is maybe you hit the max timeout of the waitForElement function, you can extend the timeout by setting a second parameter like this:

test.waitForElement('#logout', 10000)

You can find more information in the docs

If this still does not work then, please open up an issue here

As a workaround I would suggest, to use the test.wait(7500) method, but this should be the last option if the solution described above does not work. If thats the case, please open up an issue.


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