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Does Objective C have a documentation framework similar to JavaDoc where documentation can be generated from the source code?

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There isn't one specific to Objective-C, but I use Doxygen. Apple uses HeaderDoc, but pretty much nobody else does anymore. – Quinn Taylor Dec 16 '09 at 2:01
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Doxygen! You can use it for many languages, including Objective-c

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Definitely the best option. If you'd like to go even further, I've written a script that will convert Doxygen's output to look more like Apple's API docs: – Matt Ball Dec 16 '09 at 4:13

Good news for all! :D Finally after waiting a long time Apple has introduced a parser comments for our projects. According to the new features in XCode 5:

Project documentation from framework API reference documentation and structured comments in your own source code are displayed in the quick help panel and in code completion popover views. Doxygen and HeaderDoc structured comments are supported formats.

and from the Clang 3.2 release notes:

Clang parses the comments and can detect syntactic and semantic errors in comments. These warnings are off by default. Pass -Wdocumentation flag to enable warnings about documentation comments.

If you want to see an example of this new feature I recommend you take a look at the following article: Documentation in Xcode 5

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Doxygen is quite popular among Obj-C developers.

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You could have a look to HeaderDoc wich is the apple documentation framework similar to Java.

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Appledoc has become very popular. . . version 1 was based on Doxygen, whereas version 2 was written from the ground up.

It doesn't quite have all the features of Doxygen (charts, enums, C++ classes, etc), but what it does offer is beautifully formatted docs in HTML of IDE integrated format.

Also interesting to note is the following:

  • The CocoaPods tool includes Appledoc documentation for the libraries that it installs. Quite handy.
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