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I am trying to get a DIV element to wrap its content despite the content not having any whitespace. The content is a nucleic acid sequence, so inserting whitespace every x-characters is possible, but I'd rather do it more elegantly if possible.



I need not support every browser. I'm mainly interested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox and other standards-compliant browsers.

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CSS style like this will help:


Other CSS settings that control wrapping are described here.

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Perfect, thanks! –  Ron Gejman Dec 16 '09 at 0:34
This doesn't work in all browsers. Please follow the link in the comment of David Robles for the right answers. –  BalusC Dec 16 '09 at 0:54
I'm OK with that. I don't need to support all browsers (especially not IE). For me, this is the right answer since it works in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari (all Mac). –  Ron Gejman Dec 16 '09 at 0:58

You can use a "breaking zero-width space" (&#8203;), which will break the word but will be ignored when copying into, say, notepad.

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