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I am implementing my model exactly like the quickstart guide.

In my model I am trying to implement a findByToken() method. The current find() method accepts an $id parameter, but I want to find by the value of a different column.

//excerpt from the quickstart guide
public function find($id, Default_Model_Guestbook $guestbook)
    $result = $this->getDbTable()->find($id);
    if (0 == count($result)) {
    $row = $result->current();

I tried doing something like this, but I don't think it worked:

$db = $this->getDbTable();
$where = $db->getAdapter()->quoteInto('token = ?', $token);
$result = $db->find($where);

What would be the proper way to find a row by the value of a specified column?

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$result = $db->fetchAll($where);

or if you are trying to retrieve only one row.

$result = $db->fetchRow($where);

You could also use the Zend_Db_Select Object, keeping the adapter a little further abstracted:

$db = $this->getDbTable();
$select = $db->select()->where('token = ?', $token);
$result = $db->fetchAll($select);
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This can be easily done by creating select object and fetching a row using this object. It's well described in manual:

Your code could look like:

$select = $this->getDbTable()->select()->where('token = ?', (string) $token);
$row = $this->getDbTable()->fetchRow($select);
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